Working Progress: Elder Scrolls Online: Is it Any Good?

So for the past 2 weeks or so I have been playing the highly anticipated console version of Elder Scrolls Online and finally got to level 15 over the weekend and I got to say I do feel rather disappointed with the game in rather many different ways.

For instance nearly 60% of any rewards that you get in the game during the early missions are pretty much unusable for the fact that you need to be at least 5-7 to use them or with some of the really good items you have to be 15 or higher which makes them rather useless to have them around with you.

Another thing that I find rather annoying about the game is that there are some dungeons that are a real nightmare, especially during one of the Fighters Guild Missions where I had to go against a Level 15 Dwarven Sphere and I was only about Level 5 or 6 at the time, barely any hits were getting through and I was nearly about to rage quit. But I was able to then manage to get through the dungeon and was able to beat the boss at the end with relative ease. Its stuff like this that gets me rather confused. I was able to defeat a boss but not a minor enemy that just doesn’t make much sense.

Third thing that really does me dislike the game is the amount of people that can screw up one mission for you. For instance there is one mission where you have to get into Fort Virak and the only way you can do it is by going through the ruins and past the ghosts, the problem with this is that if one person screws it up then there is a major possibility that the ghosts will then target you so then and again with the stuff in the Dwarven Ruin I actually did rage quit because of the amount of people that were in the mission which got me thinking, how come that mission isn’t in a solo dungeon, it would have made it a lot better since you don’t have other people being assholes and ruining your experience.

Finally one of the things that I do find annoying is something that I brought up in my Expectations blog and that horses are expensive. Really the cheapest horse that you can buy in game is 17,000 gold coins and the better horses would cost up to 42,000 gold which is really ridiculous. The only other way to get a mount in this game that I know of is through the Crown Store were you can get more horses or other creatures such as Lions and the only way that you can get Crowns if you get the Crown Addition or spend more money through micro-transactions via the different console stores. It is rather stupid with the prices of the horses in the game and I hope that there is a way to get a mount without paying the ridiculous fees in game or by micro transactions.

But with the bad there is also some things that are rather good about the game. The design for the game so far has been on a way better scale than their previous games. To me the designs for the game seems to be on a total upscale and sometimes it looks like they had added a rather good ENB to the game which make quite a few of the exterior locations seems to be really well do and a lot of attention put into detail with the game. Also the character designs seem to have been upgraded a lot as well because since most low level characters don’t either know how to make helmets or can buy helmets you can see the amount of detail that has been put into the characters from the shape of their face to the bushiness of beards to the style of the scar everything seems to look a lot better.

So far I haven’t had the chance to check out what the Cyrodiil campaign where it is PvP mainly because I want to try and do more story missions and try to get more weapons and armour that I could find useful for the.

Overall I do have a lot of mixed feeling for this game, but with there being a new, I want to say updated expansion, being aired at E3 I hope that there is going to be a update for the game because it needs it there seems to be still quite a few bug to the game. But if I was to recommend the game to a friend, absolutely I would recommend the game, it does have its own problems but what games nowadays doesn’t. So far I give it a 7.5/10.

Update: Since the latest update has came out I have got to say that I am rather disappointed with either Bethesda for rolling out a 15gb update for the game since it doesn’t favour people who have a slow download speeds since that it has taken me over a day or so to try and download the update. It makes me so annoyed that updates like this take so long do make me fell like that it ruins a game, especially a online game like this. I don’t fully know if this is Bethesda’s problem, Sony’s problem since they have revealed that people have been having trouble for people to download updates such as on Arkham Knight or my service provider since some of my neighbours have been complaining that they haven’t been able to access their broadband properly. So I am now going to be changing my 7.5 result to a 7 because of this.


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