Elder Scrolls Online: Expectations

I have been waiting for a long time for this game to be finally announced for console release and when it was I was extremely happy. I had enjoyed playing the last instalments of Oblivion and Skyrim though they still do have a load of problems with them for console hopefully ESO won’t be too bad.

But from what I had saw on a video from Angry Joe, the game seems to have at least during the beginning to have a load of problems with the game. Such as when you kill an enemy you only got a few gold coins or having problems with connection problems where it most times the game would crash. But since that this version is built for the console generation hopefully there will be not much of these problems that would occur.

One of my biggest expectations of the game is mainly the story. You have a Daedric Prince Molag Bal trying to conquer the world of Tamriel in the midst of a civil war between three factions that all play in different areas which does give a rather different playing field to what the previous games were like when we just got one region that we could explore. Another thing that I do like about the game is that you only have three factions to play as which makes playing with friends either rather enjoyable if you’re playing as races in the same faction this would make experience better. But if your friends are going with a different faction then there is a chance that you would be able to face against them in PvP which I believe is in the same area where the Fighting Tournament is in Oblivion.

However a thing that does rather bother me about the races is this, if you have the Imperial Edition, then you can not only unlock an extra class, Imperial, but you then get to choose whatever faction you can be with regardless of what your race is. This is rather stupid thing that they could do and one of the main reasons that people spent the extra £20-30 buying that edition. Though for a gaming collector like myself I would be still sticking with what I had already in mind. Nevertheless I still think that it is a waste of money, yet it does have the extra perk which I will explain next.

But with the good again comes with the bad and that comes with the prices of the mounts that you get in the game. Since that you have a lot of open world areas that are going to take ages to try and cross which on foot would take a long time to try and complete without a horse. One of my problems is that horses are the most costly thing that is in the game, unless you picked up the Imperial Edition where you get the Imperial Horse for nothing in game, the cheapest horse starts off at 900 crowns. But if you want a decent horse it would then either cost you between 10,000- 42,000 gold pieces. I do seem rather ridiculous this way because you’re saving up for something that only helps you get around quicker that could be put in to get you better weapons and armour.  So for buying the Imperial Edition then it is worth it for saving the money instead of spending a load on a horse in game.

A thing that I do like that was shown in one of the latest trailers is that you can explore dungeons in the game with a party of four people, so this means that you and three friends can go and explore a cave and try and see what creatures, secrets and treasure that you can find. This I think can go really for the fact that if there is something rather challenging then if you have characters that have different abilities then it should go over rather well. However since that this is an online game then I get the feeling that there could be a few issues with it like in previous games like Destiny. For instance a third of the time that I played Destiny I had a load of problems trying to connect to servers or servers pushing me out when I was doing missions or in the Social Areas. Another problem that would probably happen would be down to what your friends’ internet connection would be like, because again when I played Destiny there was a few problems when it came to some of my friends having problems connecting to the internet. Hopefully there won’t be that many problems this time.

Overall, this game has had a lot of hype to go with it and personally I think that hype can either kill something or make it great, to some. For my expectations I’m going to give it a 7.5/10 mainly because I think that there are going to be quite a few problems with the game with some bugs, depending if they are using a similar patch to the PC version then there could be a chance that there might not be as many problems with the game.


One thought on “Elder Scrolls Online: Expectations

  1. I’ve made the leap and pre-ordered this (fingers crossed!) not because I’m expectant for anything on par with Oblivion, but because my expectations have been significantly lowered by the mediocre appraisals. So unless the game breaks in half as I take it out of the case, which I wouldn’t put past Bethesda, then this game should meet my very low expectations.

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