Batman: Arkham Knight Expectations

So at E3 last year the latest and possible final instalment to the Batman Arkham series was announced and at first I was rather pissed that they were only bringing it out for PS4 and X-Box One but I then got a PS4 and felt happier about it. But there have been a few things that do have me questionable about the new game.

Could There Be Co-Op: With one of the latest trailer for Arkham Knight it was revealed that for the first time you can switch between characters like Nightwing and Robin to create special tag team finishers to take out the enemies. My first thought to this is, could there be a room for a Co-Op sections of the games so that you can have a friend to play as the partner instead of switching between them. It’s just a small thought to it because that way at least if there is a difficult part where you’re playing as two characters a second person might be able to help out better than the computers AI.

Are There Too Many Villains: So with the many trailers for Arkham Knight we have seen a rather good amount of Batman rouges. We have Penguin, Two Face, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and of course Scarecrow and Arkham Knight as the main villains of the game. There could be a chance that we see more villains in the game because of the side missions that were in the previous instalments where you had characters like Mad Hatter and Deadshot. But a few characters that I would probably like to see in the game would be the Suicide Squad because when you look at the game and its story, it seems like a suicide mission. But there is one villain that I think we could possibly get back and in a 2% chance is The Joker. Though I may not think that he could be in the game there could be a 5% that he may appear, but I think that he could appear in a DLC mission say the Batgirl mission since nothing seems clear other than it seems like a possible prequel to even Arkham Asylum since Batgirl is Oracle under the mantle of Oracle since then. But hopefully it will be rather good with the villains this time round.

The Batmobile: For me when I heard that the Batmobile was going to be useable in the game I thought ‘Great something that I’m going to suck at’ but I then saw the game play of it being used and it looked okay the fact that it had two mode it seemed that I could get the controls rather easy for it.

Does Scarecrow Have Titan Fear Toxin?: As people may know, during the end credits to Arkham Asylum where there was a crate of Titan that was washed away that was then grabbed by a large had with needles, that being Scarecrow. So since there was a secret room in Arkham City of Scarecrow’s lab, could he have been working on something down there, like a Titan fear toxin, because that’s what I’ve been thinking since I completed Asylum a few months ago. So that’s why I think he wasn’t in Arkham City because he was too busy creating the new fear toxin.

Gotham City: With this new game and for the fact that you get to drive around in the Batmobile, you get to explore what seems to be a large chunk of Gotham City, I would like to see more intractable area and buildings that have something there other than to do with the main story. For instance in Arkham City there was some places that you could replay the area and get more stories about other things, plus up to a certain point you could also face off against some enemies that spawn in. But there were some points like in Arkham Origins where you had places like the GCPD and the Final Offer where it seems that it could have had people that you could have face off against but instead you only get the enemies fighting on the street. Hopefully there will be new areas that may have a constant respawn area.

What Comes After: When I found out that there was going to be a season pass for the game, I thought that yeah this could be good. But I then saw the price for the season pass and I thought ‘My god this is going to cost as nearly much as the game’. I do think that with games like this it does seem like rather a rip off to gamers when they put this much of a price tag for a season pass. For what it would be worth it would be better for gamers who want the full game experience would to be wait next year and get the Game of the Year edition where you get all the DLC content onto one disc. But hopefully with the price of the season pass the content should hopefully be good with as I stated before that the first content was a Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) story and there for had a most people’s interests. So hopefully any other story DLC missions that are going to be available will be good.

Possible Ratings: Since I last did a expectations for Batman: Arkham Origins I gave it a 8/10 and many of my friends think that I’m foolish for liking this game but nevertheless I stick by it and I am going to give the same rating for it, mainly because of the season pass. If it was less expensive then I would give it a 9/10.


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