Top Ten Favourite Television Shows

So recently made a blog about my top ten favourite nostalgic television shows and since I had enough fun writing and watching nostalgic television that I thought that I would to my top ten of my favourite television.

10: Arrow

Arrow, I’m really surprised about actually got low on my list, has been a rather good three seasons. The series revolves Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Ammel, who was supposable trapped on an island for five years and comes back as something else maybe someone else. That’s possibly one of the more annoying things about the series that it has a continuing monologue in the credits that changes every 6-7 episodes. In the first series we see Oliver trying to take revenge against citizens of Starling City who betrayed his father including Malcolm Merlyn, played by John Barrowman, who turned out to be one of the main villains that use an earthquake machine to destroy a portion of The Glades because that’s where his wife was killed by a guy that we don’t find out till season 3. The series so far have been rather good, which has even had a more successful spin off with a reboot of The Flash staring Grant Gaustin reprising his role as Barry Allen in season 2’s mid-season finale. Never the less it is a really good series and one day I hope for a cross over with Green Arrow from Smallville because that would be cool to see.

9: Revenge

I was actually surprised that I got into this show. It focuses around Emily Thorne/ Amanda Clarke who was out for revenge against the Grayson family for framing her father for a crime that he didn’t commit. It takes the total of three series for her to exact her revenge in rather good ways. There are a lot of good actors in this including Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler, all seem to be really good in this show and it defiantly shows on screen and with this being the last series of the show, I hope that it goes off with a bang. But knowing what the show is like it probable’s is going to go off with a bang.  I like this show because it feels like a rather unique show that has a female anti-hero that will do anything to get justice may that be through abduction, murder and blackmail. It’s also a show that does make you sympathise with some of the characters and what they go through with an example like Charlotte who went off the rails at least during and before the first series and then goes through a transformation when she comes across Declan Porter who she seems to fall in and out of love with and after season three we see her go slightly off the deep end when Declan dies and she ends up miscarrying her and Declan’s child. There is a lot more of her character development in the third series but you’d need to watch it for yourself.

8: The Following

For this I’m going to focus series one and two for the fact that I’ve missed a large chunk of the third series. The series focuses around Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon, who is a FBI agent that was on the case of serial killer Joe Carroll, played by James Purefoy, who turned to serial killer after being a failed publisher and resorted to being an English professor. This series I did like a lot for the fact that it focused a lot on the cult following of serial killers, which I don’t believe has much limelight nowadays on television mainly since the 70’s-90’s possibly did with the different cults that were around back then like the Manson Family. Another thing that I liked about this show is that one of the actors in this was Shawn Ashmore, who most people recognise him from the X-Men trilogy playing Iceman, and I really liked him in the show and it shows that his acting has rather prevailed since then and I would really like to see him in more good dramas like this.

7: The Enfield Haunting

This is going to be one of the only recent shows, since the fact that it just aired on Sky Living this year. The show focuses around one of the most infamous and rather controversial paranormal experiences in the United Kingdom being the Enfield Ghost where a girl was apparently thrown around her room by a poltergeist and to the day it is still rather sceptical amongst people. This is actually a show that is based off a book that was wrote by one of the original investigators of the case Guy Playfair played by Matthew Macfadyen and Timothy Spall playing Maurice Grosse. These two seemed to go really well together but there is one actress that I did like in the show that was the main focus of the show being Eleanor Worthington-Cox who played Janet Hodgson and she was really good in the show and for child actors that young to do stuff like this must make her really good and she was and I could see possibly big roles for her in the future. I think a reason why I like this show is that it knew how long it was going to be on for and that it told a side of the tale from in a way three different points, it showed it from Janet’s point and what has been bothering her, Maurice’s part trying to help her and find a way to contact his daughter the dealings with his with his wife and from Guy’s point of going from sceptic to believer.

6: Firefly

Firefly was is an odd show. One it was only on for one series, two it was, and I think is, the only show to have its episodes shown out of order and three being cancelled halfway through the series. I think that it was the blame of Fox that had the show’s demise on their hands but it managed to get a cult following through it and also a spin off film and comic book series, plus an online game as well. The series was created by Joss Whedon who also made Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and The Avengers. The series focuses mainly on a crew of nine people who all I think are still in work in television and films nowadays including Nathan Fillion who got more fame through Castle, Alan Tudyk has had recurring roles in Suburgatory, Gina Torres has been in Suits for the past four seasons and also a recurring character in Revenge, but most recently Morena Baccarin has appeared as Dr Leslie Thompkins in Gotham, Jessica Brody in Homeland and also the voice of Dr Well’s computer AI in the Flash she is also to play Veronica Carlysle in Deadpool alongside Ryan Reyonlds. I think that a reason why I like this show is that it does have a rather Star Wars theme to it being a group of rebels that are trying to make their own life whilst trying to avoid the dreaded empire. It’s a rather good show and I’d advise people to check it out.


NCIS was a show that I stared to watch mainly because it seemed more like an action packed version of CSI. The series revolves around a group on Naval Investigators who solve crimes that have mainly to do with sailors either being killed in the Maryland area or on ships and sometimes dealing with different organisations including FBI, Homeland Security, Mossad and the Coast Guards. A lot of the series do have a continuing story to it, especially in the first and second series where there was a lot of focus around the team hunting down an assailant known as Ari Haswari who was able to infiltrate the NCIS building leading to Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, to go pretty much full blown Ahab and goes on a hunt to find him that ends up with him losing one of his team members in the process. I think the reason that I do like this show is that it is a real mixture of storytelling and good character development. For instance one of the people who had rather good character development is Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, who started out as a rather jock like character always making people life seem a rather misery with his childish remarks but has always was one of the better characters because he has changed rather well over the past 12 series. From the guy that was in a way on the pull for most series with different people, but never seeing them on screen and then starts falling for the right person only to find that she is leaving the company and we see how he tries and deals with this in the beginning of series 11.

4: Game of Thrones

This show currently has me at a mix, currently the show has taken the word adapt and literally adapt the book by killing off characters that are still alive in books, changing some events in the books like having Jamie and Bronn heading to Dorne to get his daughter back or having Jorah and Tyrion sailing through the Doom and getting attacked by the Stonemen. But in all actuality it is rather good. You get to see more of the characters that don’t seem to have many stories that people like and keep their actual stories for the next seasons because what happens to Jamie is a lot better now in the show than the book. I think that I like this show I think mainly because it seemed really interesting. A neat medieval setting to it seems rather nice to see in television and I really watched it when Pick TV aired a Sky Free Air programmes and I seemed to be rather mesmerised by the shows premise. But since they had only shown three episodes I went and on a whim bought both the first and second series, not knowing if I was going to like the next episodes after or even the second series, but I did and I then buying the books and finished reading all of them and I originally thought that I was going to be spoilt but the writers for the show always know how to make a good change.

3: Castle

What happens when you take a writer and a NYPD police officer and you end up having them weird on screen chemistry for five seasons before the realise that they were meant to be, you have Castle. This has possibly one of my favourite comedy/drama type shows that’s currently on television where you have Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, and Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic, it’s a really good show that follows about a writer that helps, and sometimes hinders a case all in pursuit to make another best-selling book since he killed off his Derek Storm character, only to bring it back in series four. I think that I like show is that the main characters are really likable, the stories are well written and it’s really good. Another thing that I like about the show is that there are actually tie in books that are actually in the show, like the Nikki Heat book series and even some of the new Derek Storm book series as well as the graphic novel version as well which are published by Marvel, which is owned by Disney which also owns ABC Studios there is quite a bit of conglomeration there from Disney, well played.

2: The Blacklist

Now my second pick was going to be something quite different, it was originally going to be Ghost Adventures, but then there was a show that I thought was in a better than Ghost Adventures and that is The Blacklist and the weirdest thing is that I got into this show by not watching an episode, but in fact watching a video on YouTube by TheFineBros where I watched their Spoiler video for the first series and I was intrigued with the premise of the show. A FBI’s most wanted felon Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader, working with a black ops FBI group targeting a specific file of people known as The Blacklist made up of different killers, traffickers, cults and all sorts, but only if they were to bring one person aboard, Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone. But the one thing that really has me and possibly is that could Reddington actually be Keen’s father because there are a lot of hints in the show that does point towards that even in one episode Keen actually asking Reddington that if he was her father and he basically said no. But there have been scenes in the new series that may actually prove that wrong with what looks like Reddington looking at pictures of a young Keen. I like this show because every week is a different story but still keeping a secondary story that has a flowing narrative over the series. Also I really like James Spader because he seems like that he’s having fun with the role, plus when I went and saw Avengers: Age of Ultron it didn’t feel like if I was watching Ultron, I was watching Reddington. I look forward to watch the rest of the season with each episode.

1: The Walking Dead

This is possibly one of the most current adaptations of a comic book today, has the world going back into the zombie vibe with cities being evacuated and small groups trying to survive the zombies and themselves. The show follows a group of survivors that have been trying to find a place to stay but when they seem to get to a safe place they then end up have an unsafe turn where someone manages to turn the story. I think that I got into this because I really enjoy watching the zombie genre, I remember watching Land of the Dead for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I then expanded from that and I then went back and watched back old films like Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead and even Shawn of the Dead. I also think that I like this show because all the characters are rather good from Rick Grimes, played by Abraham Lincoln, Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, and both of them are rather good in the show since most of the story that they have is really good. You have Rick who actually seems to have a rather split personality that he goes through with most of the series where he has a problem when other people are in power and he goes out of his way to try and have people see his way and work out the meek of the group. I think that again with this series that there are a bunch of comic diehard fans that think that that the comics are better but I don’t know yet because I’m yet to pick up a volume, but I will be looking to pick up a few volumes this year.


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