The Good, The Bad and Kill The Boy

I got to say this episode sucked except in three parts.

The Good: Daenerys has finally used her dragons for good this time. She uses them to kill some possible traitors that had killed Barastian Selmy who tried to help Greyworm against an ambush from Sons of the Harpy. I rather wished that we got to see more of Daenerys using her dragons until she finds out who was behind the attacks. But nevertheless she manages to get a deal about how to get the Sons of the Harpy from stop attacking.

We also finally got to see what the Doom was like when Tyrion and Jorah travelled through there to get to Mereen. There we see a lot of the architecture that was still around where the original Targaryen dynasty had started. It was rather nice to see this because reading the description you do get an idea but not that much of an actual look at them. Another thing that I liked about this was when Tyrion and Jorah were talking, about dragons I think, and Tyrion being sceptical about them and he then sees Drogon flying overhead and then he changes his mind about the dragons.

Also since they were in the Doom, we also got the actual introduction to the Stonemen and also a visual look of them as well. I got to say I liked the look of them. They rather reminded me of what a Stoneman should look like covered in large grey scales and sinking fast in the river like giant boulders. They also seem a lot scarier than what the Stone Angles are from Doctor Who as well for the fact that they can actually kill you or infect you with their same disease.

The Bad: Barastian Selmy being killed off for me was a real let down as he was a key character in the destruction that came during the second part of Dance with Dragons. He was an awesome character and I think this goes back and me repeating myself saying that the writers have creative controls over the characters and I get the feeling that this I going to continue over the rest of the series till it finishes.

Overall: For me I just seemed rather bored with this episode. I don’t know why but it did seem to go rather boring through most of an episode. But that usually happens with a series when there are usually one or two episodes that seem to get boring. Hopefully there could be better episodes left.



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