The Good, The Bad and The Sons of the Harpy

This episode has got to be one of the more weirder episodes that I think has come along, as it seem to have a lot going on but then again not a lot.

The Good: One of the first good things that I liked about this episode was Jamie and Bronn finally arrived at Dorne in search of how to get to where Marcella is located. But a group of soldiers come along and discover them there when they say that their ship had capsized during the night which leads rather good fight scene with Bronn taking on three guys, one being on horseback. This then lead Jamie to discovering one really good thing about having a false hand. Being able to block attacks with his false hand. That was pretty genius with what the writers did there, since I’m sure that most of this season that I have watched has ignored most of the book.

The second thing that I liked about this is that you see Stannis in the light of a caring father, instead of a brooding commander. In the scene Stannis exposits about how is daughter has suffered first from the attack of greyscale and how he used everything he had to try and cure her of it, whereas her mother wanted her to be transported across the Narrow Sea, to live out her life with the stone men. I don’t think that I’ve seen Stannis be like this in most episodes and it was really nice to see him portrayed in this light.

The introduction of the Sand Snakes was something that I found to be good about the episode. One it was an introduction to three new characters, all daughters of the Red Viper who tried to get revenge on the Lannister family for what happened to his sister, and also because they have a more clear vendetta then most characters in the series so far, unlike Arya who has a vendetta but that’s not very clear. Also each of them seems to have their own traits Nymeria being the quiet type, Obara seems to be the one that is more of a sheep then snake and finally Tyene who is literally the same as her father, really direct and seems to be a good fighter the way that she was able to use a spear to kill a ship captain. I actually do look forward to see what happens between Jamie, Bronn and the Sand Snakes in the upcoming episodes.

The Bad: One of the things that I did hate about the show was mainly with the overall religious take over where they pretty much taken away anybody that has done something against the teaching of the Gods, from people who visit the brothels to the prostitutes that are in the brothels and even Loras Tyrell which made Margery very pissed off because she thought that Tommen had sorted everything out with Cersei and she thinks that this was all of Cersei’s idea. So Margery, manipulates, Tommen to get her brother out of jail which has Tommen being set off to see the High Sparrow since Cersei said that it wasn’t her that imprisoned Loras. Tommen goes to the Sept to find the High Sparrow but his followers blocked him from entering and the people outside started heckling him saying that he was a monster, since he was the son of Jamie and Cersei. This I thought was stupid because it then makes Tommen seem like a joke as a king since he is only told one side of being a king.

The second thing that I hate about the show, I can’t remember if I ranted about it last week, but they cut out a few good characters that were pivotal characters in the book. First you have Jon Connington who was a former Hand to Aerys Targaryen who then banished him after failing to stop a rebellion and then took in Aegon Targaryen where he taught him along with different teachers on how to become a ruler. There Tyrion, who was on the same boat decided to give them the idea to go and take over some places in Westeros because he thinks that Daenerys would respect him more if he had more control of lands that they might join forces. If they did this the show could have been a lot better, but who knows they might not even go down this line since there avoiding most stories or might use them for the next few seasons because they haven’t yet started doing the story line in the Iron Islands which is a rather good read.

Overall: I think that this was a real mix of an episode that a lot of good but still a lot of bad, hopefully next weeks is going to be good. 7/10.


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