The Good, The Bad and The High Sparrow

Another week and another episode this week from Game of Thrones. But for this episode I, personally couldn’t find much to say bad about this episode so the bad will be light this week.

The Good: The first thing that I did like about this is the small war going between Margery and Cersei that has been going on since season three and four. And since I know more or less about what is going to happen I’ll try and avoid any book spoilers. But I did like these scenes. For one, you see Margery trying to seduce Tommen and does it rather well. Then you have the following scene with Margery and Cersei where you have the two of them doing the best to try and keep each other from slapping each other. Then you have the scenes with Cersei and Tommen where Tommen wants Cersei to go back to her original home of Casterly Rock. But Cersei doesn’t want to leave and there seems to be something going on with a plan with Cersei and Qyburn to possibly get rid of Margery with some sort of remedy but everything seems to be really hush hush with this story and I cant wait to see what goes on with this story.

Sansa returning to Winterfell for me felt really weird when I first watched this for the fact that I know this was a part of the series that is totally not adapted from the book and, BOOK SPOILERS, Sansa stays in the Veil for the rest of the book series and it was supposed to be Jeyne Poole posing as Arya since people in Westeros that know of Arya think that she could be dead. But in all honestly I liked this. This then has something for the Northern houses who have loyalties to the Starks to possibly then start aligning with the Boltons. Also we then see more character development for Sansa as well because she hasn’t had that much development for a few series and most people don’t like her character but I really like her character in the shows and the books. So hopefully she wont be killed off this season.

Another story that I thought was good for the episode was the introduction of the High Sparrow, who is played by Jonathan Pryce, who for his debut role for the show was really amazing. First introduction of his character is really good seeing him as basically a humanitarian feeding the starving people of Kings Landing and then you have Cersei telling him of what his followers had did to the High Septon and Cersei decided to imprison the former High Septon and offer the position to the High Sparrow which has a lot to do with the Cersei/Margery story arc for this season.

The Bad: The main bad thing that I have hated about this series after last weeks and this weeks episode is Arya’s story of her to becoming a Faceless Man. To be honest I have found this story to be really boring and depressing. I think that it would have been better if she could have found a better place to train and then  come back to Westeros and exact her revenge. I really found it to be going so slow and in many points pointless, and seems like it could be going nowhere.

Another thing that I just now realised looking back at characters is that they cut one of the best parts of the book out and that is Tryion going to Volantis on a boat, mainly because it had a better characters of the book for the fact that it is a pivotal character that is more better than what Daenerys is. So instead of having a few really good scenes that could had made a few good episodes and then to see what will end up happening in the future. Hopefully they haven’t been actually cut from this series because I think that this could be a really good character to have.

Overall: Overall I think that this was a rather good episode for the series yet again, but it still does have its faults to it, but what can you expect from adaptations. 8/10


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