Why is Saints Row IV So Much Fun

First off, yes I know that Saints Row IV has been out for a while on last gen consoles and that I was waiting for a good time to get the game and this came to me when I was scrolling in the GAME website and found out that the Re-Elected/ Gat out of Hell bundle was going to be released for PS4/X-Box One with all the DLC’s which I was more interested in since there was a tonne of downloadable content that was available and decided to wait for the time to get them all and get them for free.

Now, I haven’t been a true follower to any of the previous games. For the fact that the first two games we’re solely available on X-Box and what I thought was going to be a rival to Grand Theft Auto, in which way it is. I haven’t completed the game yet but I have had more fun playing this then I did playing through GTA V both on PS3 and PS4, there was better customisation, better weapons and a better storyline so far. GTA V seemed to be a game that was to be taken more serious by gamers and Saints Row seems like it is more enjoyable to gamers. You get to go around a virtual world, making this where you’re playing a game within a game. Not only that but you get to unlock super powers as well and that is one of the biggest selling points for me for the game. I’m a big fan of superheroes and this automatically seems like the game that was well suited to me.

Another thing that really makes enjoy the game is when I was watching TheMediaCows walkthrough of the is a special weapon that was featured in the game being the Dub step gun and my God it is one of the best weapons that I now like to use on the game. You are firing a gun that blast bolts dub sound wave to destroy your enemies. I myself don’t listen to that much dub step in my life because it’s not the genre of music that I usually listen to, I usually listen to rock. But honestly if you’re not that keen on dub step there are other sound tracks that you can get for it and one of them available in them DLC being a Patriot remixed version that plays Rise of the Valkyries.

Another thing that I find the game enjoyable is that one of the voices that you get to have in the customise options is Nolan North and I’ve enjoyed a lot of his other voice works in animation and videogames like the Uncharted series and Deadpool. It works really well for the game and is one of my favourite features.

Finally the comedy so far in this game has been really good for this sort of game. As I stated before in it rival game GTAV wasn’t rather focused on much comedic material, there were a few things funny about the game and that was about that. In this on the other hand there has been constant comedy in pretty much every mission especially in the loyalty missions and trying to get your homies back. For instance there is a mission where you have to escape this crazy 50’s town by causing destruction in any way possible and there’s a line that, depending if what voice character you have, and if you have Nolan North voicing and the following line is ‘Do what you do best’ and the reply is ‘Be like Nolan?’ it writing like that that is why games are really well. Another cool part that is in the game is when you’re saving Pierce from his nightmare scenario your saving him from mascots dressed in Saints Flow outfits and then when gathering guns you see a giant hand, I was thinking what the F was going on since I didn’t want to watch much of walkthroughs to spoil it and then the reveal happens. A Saints Flow mascot that was the size of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, that right there was an homage done rather well. Then there was a slight homage to Ghostbusters 2 when you get to pilot a statue and fight the giant Saints Flow Can. It was an awesome thing to do.

I get the feeling that I could be roughly half way through the game and that I will be looking forward to it even more once I get to do the Co-op story mode because I do have some slight problems that I think could be fixed more with the help of a second person. All I got to say that if you though that GTA V was too serious of a game this is what you need to be playing.


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