The Good, The Bad and The House of Black and White

So with the latest episode of Game of Thrones over and done with for another week let’s see what I think are the good and bad points are of the episode.

The Good:  So with the episode beginning you have Brienne and Podric going to a local tavern and finding that Sansa Stark is there Littlefinger who are there on their way to location to try and get more power to Littlefinger’s army. There Brienne tries to talk to sense into Sansa asking if she would be the protector but Sansa wasn’t having any of it especially after she saw Brienne bending the knee to Joffrey and Brienne says that she did want to be there especially since she noted that Sansa didn’t what to be there either. Littlefinger didn’t want to have Brienne there because she was there when Renley Baratheon had died and nobody would believe her, that’s alive, and she left with Podric being chased by Littlefinger’s men. There a really good choreographed fight scene on horseback which seems rather difficult to do but it was one of my favourite scenes from the whole episode and I hope to see more good fight scenes like this.

I don’t know why but every time that I see Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones I really enjoy all his scenes and I get the feeling that he enjoys his scenes just as much and that fact that we won’t be seeing any more scenes in the series with him and Tyrion I have been enjoying the scenes with him and Jamie so I look forward to seeing the rest of them in the series.

Back in the North the election for a new Lord Commander was under way but first we see Jon Snow had a meeting with Stannis over the fact at the end of last week’s episode when Jon stuck Mance Rayder with an arrow to the chest. Stannis in fact put that over lightly in a way and focused more on trying to get him to legally change his name in front of him to become Jon Stark Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell so that Stannis could get House Stark retainers to help support him in this case in former Lord Commander Mormont’s family who would only follow Starks into battle. Even though that being a Stark is what Jon had always wanted to be he refused Stannis offer since he already pledged to be a member of the Nights Watch and isn’t going back on his oath. We then start the process of who is going to become the 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch and hear Janos Slynt promote Ser Alliser to be Lord Commander as he was acting Lord Commander after they found out that Mormont had been killed. We then see Othelle Yarwyck promote over Denys Mallister saying that he’s been here for a long time, since he was a kid and has seen people live and die at the wall basically. Then finally we have Sam, to Jon’s dismay, promoting him saying that he was the one that lead the raiding party to seek revenge for Mormont, he was the one kept control after Alliser was wounded at the battle last season. There the people made their decision and it came to a tie between Jon and Alliser, Master Aemon then made his vote and Jon was going to be Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. I really liked this for one that in the book it did seem like that this was going over a number of days in a way like politicians do, but this was a fast paced voting that was easy to follow and I can’t wait to see what Jon is going to do in his first acts as Lord Commander.

The Bad:  With this episode we were finally introduced to the city of Dorne, for three minutes. There was a rather lack of Dorne actually again in this episode. We only saw two people that actually spoke being the late wife of the Red Viper and the other being Doran Martell. I really wish that there was a lot more of Dorne to be shown especially for exterior shots to show what the city looks like. But again we’re only two episodes in and there will hopefully to be more shots and locations to be set in Dorne.

Back in King’s Landing on the other hand you have Cersei Lannister stacking the small council with what I think are a load of bad choices. This I think for me is mainly my thoughts because it seems like that Cersei is only placing competent people there that know what to do instead of putting people that she trust to do right in guidance for King Tommen which she did with having her uncle Ser Kevin as Master of War to teach Tommen how to become a good leader, but declines because Cersei is taking over Tommen’s role as he wasn’t there. Hopefully there will be a chance that later in the series, after looking at the episodes and taking small guesses that this is going to change in a few episodes.

Finally we get to Meereen and the politics on how Daenerys is trying to deal with the Son’s of the Harpy for killing a member of the Unsully. This then leads Daenerys and her small council to come to the decision that they would give the murderer a fair trial which is actually a good thing because if they did this in Westeros then he would have been instantly killed with no trial. But on the other hand Mossador had another idea, he decided that it was a better option to actually have the murderer killed and then impaled with nails onto a wall with a message. With this Danenerys and her small council decide that Mossador should be executed for his crimes, and I think that this was a rather extreme thing to do because she now knows that there are going to be more people after her, especially the ones who she helped free sort of turning on her like seeing the villain in a pantomime. I think what she should have done was a shunning, sending him away from Meereen in a similar way to what happened to Jorah Mormont because of his distrust that came last season.

Overall:  I think that this was a lot better episode then last weeks’, we got more action and in some points a whole better story as well. I can’t wait to see what stories will unfold in next week’s episode High Sparrow. 8/10


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