The Good, The Bad and The Wars To Come

With Game of Thrones back, last week in America, I’ve decided to bring back my Good/Bad series especially for the fact that I’ve read all the books and have been a fan of the series for the past four years and with the news confirmed that they will be deferring some footage from the books I thought that this would-be the best time to bring the series back.

The Good: I think that the first good thing that I liked about the episode was the opening to the episode. You had two young girls walking through the woods going to see a witch. At first I had completely forgotten what this scene was about and it took me a while to remember that one of the young girls was Cersi Lannister and that the witch was going to predict her future, which turns out to be correct that she would marry a King but not the one that she would have imagined at her age.  I thought this was a good scene as it showed a flashback which I don’t think that this show even does, they usually used exposition when it came to telling about the past like with Jamie killing Aerys Targarian they never showed visuals of that and just explained it.

Another good point in the episode I think is when Tyrion and Varys were talking about what he should do now since he’s out of King’s Landing and the reach of Cersi. There Varys suggests that he heads east to Daenerys to form some sort of allegiance since he does have a tactical mind especially when it came to when he helped alot during that Battle of the Blackwater against Stannis. But Tyrion has his doubts about it since he thinks that it is a bad idea. I can’t actually remember much in these scenes cause I’ve had a busy schedule to catch up on demand with the episode to actually review it so if I have made any mistakes with the Varys/Tyrion story please let me know.

Finally the ending I did like. You see Mance Rayder refusing to bend the knee to Stannis and for it is forced to be brunt at the stake by Melisandre who has a fixation of using fire to see into the future near or far. There you have Baratheon retainers there as well as the Nights Watch who all stand back and watch him die painfully to death. John Snow then walks away only to see a arrow kill Mance so doesn’t die in agony. I liked this because it showed John having compassion for the guy that tried to destroy the place that protects the realm from even though that what Stannis and other people might think Mance only wanted the Wildlings to leave the North because he knew that something bad was coming that way.

The Bad: There wasn’t a lot that was bad with the episode except for a few things. One there was no footage of Arya in the episode what ever especially with the ending as she boarded the ship heading to Bravos. She was only mentioned by Brienne and Podrick but outside of that there wasn’t anything about Arya in the beginning episode which did feel rather weird.

The second had to do with Daenerys visiting her dragons after imprisoning them in the bowls of the pyramid, if I’m correct, and when she see them, they go ape and try to attack her. Then she seems shocked and scared that they did attack her. What else did she think was going to happen when she chained them up and sealed them in a tomb that they were going to be friendly, no there pissed that she chained them up. To be fair since I know how it goes In the books I do look forward to see what progression this leads to.

Again going down the line that there was no Arya in this episode I was also disappointed to discover that there was no sight of Dorne yet for the show. Especially after last season’s episode when the Red Viper appeared there was to expected more snakes around. But we have 9 more episodes to go and we’ll deffinatly see Sand’s soon.

Summary:To be honest I found this to be a rather mediocre opening to the series, it seemed in a way to have more political overtones over action and blood except for the two people that died in the episode but it was still political. One person died because of his beliefs and got burned at the stake for it, and the other was murdered because of the person that he served for. As I said before there are 9 more to go and more blood to be spilt. Overall I give this episode a 6/10 it’s alright but there could have been more action in the returning episode.


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