Disney: The Conglomeration We Love & Hate

Originally this blog was going to be about my thoughts on Disney and their newly remade live action films but with more and more been announced ain decided to change it up and now decide to write about how Disney have run out of ideas and why I think that most of these new films won’t be as popular as what the originals.

So in the past three possibly four months Disney has announced that they are pretty much going to remake all their old cartoon films with the likes of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson playing Belle and Luke Evans playing Gaston, which could look rather interesting. Then we have Tim Burton returning to Disney with his telling of Dumbo, but for some reason I get the feeling that this could go really bad, really quick. Not to disrespect him as a director but I think that Burton lost his edge after he made Alice in Wonderland, another live action Disney remake that acts as a bad sequel to the original. After that was announced we found that not only we’re getting a Mulan film, but also a Winnie the Pooh film. First I sort of like the concept of a live action version of Mulan and I think it could work well especially with the designs of Japan to be brought to the new age of cinema cause I don’t think I’ve seen any films that have Japan as a setting that is in the past, plus also bringing in Japanese actors and actresses to the big screen in the west. But for the Winnie the Pooh film I don’t know what to think of it. Apparently there is a supposed idea what the film is going to be about and it plays in a similar way to Alice in Wonderland and that Christopher Robbins returns to the 1000 year old forest after not coming back there for many years. I don’t know what to think because if it seems like Alice in Wonderland then I get the feeling it’s not going to be that good, hopefully they’ll get the casting right but time will.tell.

In honesty I do hate the idea of Disney trying endlessly to recreate films that they’ve already made. And it won’t stop what so ever. I get the feeling in around 10 maybe 15 years time we would end up seeing films like Tangled and Frozen made into live action, mainly for the fact that Disney knows as those two films sell well. Especially Frozen selling a tonne of merchandise world wide and being a big hit musically especially when you look at all the parodies that are online plus the covers that parents do with their kids in their cars that spam on YouTube like cat videos.

But if there’s something that I don’t understand is that Disney have more used good products that they don’t use anymore, especially since their current line up on the Disney Channel is mainly live action work. From what I’ve looked at there seems to be a few classic shows that I think that they could bring back to the big screen like Duck Tales, especially since they not only re-released the game on last gen consoles but also a remastered version for the current generation. I also think that with the animation that’s around today I think it would look really awesome especially with the last few Disney animated films that have came out. Another good show that Disney could remake that would look good in either animation but better as a live action would be Gargoyles. Even though the show to some people’s eyes, possibly those at Disney, didn’t seem to have that much faith after the third season since it could compare itself with WB Batman The Animated Series I think a film would do wonders to reignite people’s opinion on the show. For instance the first five episodes of the first season dealt with a lot of stuff. It dealt with ancient Scotland and Vikings, Celts and of course Gargoyles which with current television and films makes me think that this is ripe for the taking. Then we have curse that gets placed on the gargoyles that affects them in a way that there never seen until the 90’s in New York. Basically what I’m trying to get over is that the first five episodes of the season has enough story for it to make at least it’s first film. But in all honesty the likelihood of that happening could be slim, but if Disney do make it into a film I hope they get the casting right for it.

In the end what do I think Disney are going to do,I have no honest clue. They may end up completely ruin the memories of the original that the current generation of parents liked and go to see it with their children who may like the new films, but I ain’t psychic so I can’t say much but, this could cause a rift between the newbies and the originals. Hopefully Disney will come up with some new material, other than the animation which seems to always have running theme with them. But that is in the future and hopefully Disney will do something right.

*Note:  For some reason I have a feeling that Johnny Depp playing Timothy the Mouse don’t know why but I do.


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