Amazing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

So since everyone else has been giving their views on the latest news that Spider-Man is finally joining the Marvel cinematic universe and I am one of the people that is over the moon that this is happening. Civil War is one of my favourite story lines and after being announced by the Wall Street Journal yesterday they reported that the first film that he is going to be in is Captain America 3 and I’m over the moon.

But there have been one or two small problems though with the news and that is that Andrew Garfeild may not be returning as the Web Slinger and that is one of my problems with this news. I haven’t heard any more news today about casting for Spidey so far and why would they need to. Garfield already has two films under his belt and he potrayed both Spider-Man and Peter Parker rather well, which is also alot better than his predecessor Toby Maguire who though did do okay for Spider-Man but there were alot of scenes when he Peter Parker he rather bombed. Also it would save alot of time when it would come to casting if they already had a Spider-Man that already had been around the same time that the other Marvel films that are out from Marvel, so I do hope that they keep Garfeild on as Spider-Man.

But they could also do something of different as well with this series, they could also use a different universe Spider-Man, say Ultimate Spider-Man. Currently in the Ultimate Universe  the Spider-Man in that series Miles Moralas, a younger Spider that has his own origins story that is different the original Spider-Man but he also has his own unique powers as well with today’s technology would make it rather awesome to see on the big screen as well as increasing the number of ethnic actors in Marvels cinematic universe as well. 

Never the less I will be looking forward to the new (but more hopefully Andrew Garfield) Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the new film that has causes films that already had been slated to be moved back. Hopefully this would be worth the shifting for  the possible death of Thor and the debuts of Captain Marvel and the Inhumans.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

  1. I agree that keeping in Garfield would be a great move since he did do a very good job in the films. I preferred his portrayal when in costume than as Parker though, but he did a good enough job as both. I thought that his acting ability improved a lot from the first ASM film to the second and it is sad to see that continuity go. Now, my hopes for the Civil War and Infinity War have certainly gone higher!

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