Could 007 Work As A Title?

As everyone knows, possibly, in the world that James Bond had been played by several different actors over the past 50 or so years and this got me wondering, could 007 work better if it was a title. 

I think that this idea that 007 being a title could be a really good idea to then make a future of Bond films. This way we could have actors of different ethnicity as Bond like Idris Elba who had peeked interest in playing the super spy and this would be a good way to play Bond by having it as a title.

Also this could be a good way to also get in a female Bond as well. And when you look back at the history of action films with a female lead there hasn’t been that many at all, but with the many upcoming superhero action genre of films that are coming out then it could lead to a possibility of a female lead action film. 

So with the latest James Bond film currently in filming and me trying to ignore from now spoilers for films that I want to enjoy, there could be a possibility that this could be Daniel Craig’s final film in his series and hopefully that there could be a idea that Bond maybe become a title in the future, but I’ll guess we’ll have to wait.

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