Are Story Trophies a Good Thing?

When it comes to gaming one thing I look forward to are the achievement/trophies you get for unlocking either progression or in game things. I really enjoy games that do this because it gives me a sense of accomplishment but it does then ruin the feel of how long playing the game is.

I used to be a fan of the Call of Duty series and still a major fan of the Batman Arkham series which both have achievements/trophies that are both story and action based and it does make me believe that I have being doing good in that game. Yet on the other hand, mainly for Call of Duty, you know how many mission there are because of either the amount if hidden achievements/trophies these are in the list and to be fair it is a easy way to keep up to date with progression but I think that it does spoil the enjoyment in the game.

But on the other hand there are games that don’t follow this style, there are games that only have rewards that have are completion based like Uncharted Drakes Fortune or The Last of Us, both of these don’t have mission based trophies so it does make game progression more difficult to follow, less with Uncharted since it is split into different chapters as you play the game but with The Last of Us, unless you’ve snatched walkthroughs then you wouldn’t have a true guess on how progression goes. Though the different season and areas that the game is in does give a rough estimate on how far through you are but I think I would prefer to play more games like this because it gives me a more depth field to the game and makes me more intrigued with the story because that’s what’s happend for me with Uncharted, with the lack of story trophies it has made me more attracted to the story. But that’s just me and I don’t known if any other gamers feel that same way.

Over all I do love playing trophy games they have been bringing me enjoyment for the past four years and I’ll continue to play them. But if they are games that just have a story and none story trophies I will enjoy that game even more but again that’s my own personal theory. So do trophies/achievements make a game bad, I don’t think so, I think that they story based trophies to spoil games because then you know how far is left in the game.

4 thoughts on “Are Story Trophies a Good Thing?

  1. Whoops, guess I posted too soon so my comment may have been eaten up. Here’s a second try.

    “As in PS3 trophies right? I think they are. It’s not good if every trophy is story related like in Walking Dead or something. I’d say a good balance of that is Trinity or Sonic Generations. You get a decent amount of them, but if you want the platinum, then you’re going to have to work for it. I do get sad when the campaign mode doesn’t have any since it feels like you did a lot of work for no real reason. Story play should be encouraged and trophies are a good way of doing this.”

      • Okay, I was just checkin 🙂 I’ve followed a few sites in the past where they post articles, but never actually comment back and it’s usually not as fun. Hope the internet issues aren’t too bad.

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