Are Remakes That Good?

For years and years film companies around the world have been doing their own remakes on films and some of them do justice to the original but there are some that absolutely blow.

For instance there are the good film remakes like Captain America for one. In the mid 90’s they released two Captain America films and even though I never saw them a the way through they did look rather bad. But with the new Marvel Cinematic Universe being a money maker for Marvel they decided to create a new Captain America film which I got to say was my favourite film for Phase 1, the story was really interesting, the characters were believable and the special effects were amazing as well. This then lead the film to then get its own sequel which was one of the highest grossing films for Marvel this year.

Another film that I did like the remake of was Nightmare on Elm Street. The original film I really enjoyed but it was rather swamped with the ways that Freddy was killing people over a backstory of what happened to Freddy to make him what he was today. But with the remake it did develop more of a backstory for Freddy and the other teenagers in the film, for the main fact that Freddy was a grounds keeper at a kindergarten and it turned out that he was grooming the children and it was hinted that he may have done more. This is also a more up-to-date version especially with things that have came into news where C-List celebrities in the UK have been revealed as paedophiles and I think that is a rather good topic to bring into a film. Plus there were also scenes of more realism in it as that the teenagers were starting to stay awake for longer times which then has identifying marks to teenagers going through tough times like exams but it does take tolls. Example in the film is the 72 hours rule that after that you start to slip into micro sleeps that you don’t know are real, I dunno if this is real but it does sound it.

But with the good there is a lot of bad. A major example for me are the Transformer movies, and in my eyes this film is a reboot since they do adapt from the television show from the 80’s, the first major problem with the film was that there was no actual origin of what happens on Cybertron. Then there were the characters mainly the human cast that I found terrible, in the original series the human cast was limited and were useful to the Autobots in the films they just seemed to be a nuisance and really terrible character development. The stories would have been better if the stories followed on from a Transformer p.o.v instead of human it would have been better.

Another film series that I believed suffered because of a reboot was Friday the 13th. I really found it to be a major disappointment for the franchise. It just seemed to gather the best parts from the original films and then ruined them. The original Friday The 13th movie focused around a killer at camp grounds that was built up really well and it all climaxed at the end with a strange slow mo scene, but with the remake they just focused around a missing persons and teenagers getting drunk/baked, there was little story to go on about Jason and more around trying to poorly develop characters and build relations that were pretty dull. All in honest I think this film could have been a lot better if it was based on a slight alternative after the events of Freddy vs Jason. Well that’s my view at least.

But all in all there are the films that are really good as remakes but with every good remake there are at least two bad films, but what people think of remakes is up to them.


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