The Good The Bad and The MUTO: Godzilla 2014

Last Saturday I went to go and see the newest American version of Godzilla and here are my good, bad and points about the film, warning this will contain a few spoilers.

The Good
One of the good parts I liked in the film was the beginning showing that a large creature was residing in the Philippines/ Japan and then the really cool visual effects of whatever monster was destroying the nuclear plant. With the destruction of filling towers from the kids perspective seemed really moving because unless you’ve seen that happen then this is close as it would get to people who haven’t.

The next good part of the film is Bryan Cranston, even though he is in the film for a short amount of time his performance is good and strong. After the plant getting destroyed after the monster attack he tries to get back and find the information that he had collected on the day and it shows the commitment to his character that he would go to prison for finding out what actually happens, even though he does die in the film it is rather sad on how he dies his performance is good for the film.

Then of course the main good part of the film is when Godzilla appears. First of there was some criticism that he did look fat but to be honest didn’t really see that. The model design for it was really great and was designed a lot better than the 98 film. It was well designed and it did rather remind me of the original Godzilla film which seemed to be rather a homage to the original.

Finally the good part of the film is the editing and technical side of the film. In the third act of the film the army went on a recovery mission for a nuke and they were able to do a good editing technique where they used the locator device and showed it side by side where it then showed the group progressing towards it which I think was a really great technique to use.

The Bad
There were only a few things I thought were bad about the film was one it was rather more focused around the humans of the film, but majority was the army on how they were going to deal with the MUTO threat, which lead them to using nuclear weapons on them, even though they feed of the stuff.

The next thing that bothered me was that the army seemed rather incompetent when it came to dealing with the first MUTO as it was able to release a EMP blast that took out all electronics but they kept on using things like planes and boats but I think that also is a double meaning that we require technology more and more that we forget about analogue times.

Next was the MUTO, I didn’t have much of a problem with the but the problem is that I wish they would have went with a kaiju that was popular in the original films like Mothra or King Ghidorah and then if the film’s were popular with the audiences then bring in villains like Destoryah or MechaGodzilla.

This film is possibly the best film that has been from a American point of Godzilla, it wipes out the 1998 film and its totally enjoyable.

The fight scene in the third act with the MUTO’S and Godzilla reminded me of the old Japanese films when he throws one of them through the building. Also there’s a scene where Godzilla uses his flame/dragon breath attack and it looked really cool. It also was another reminded of the Godzilla films where his plates glow up and he just blasts them away.

Over all this is a good film, there are a lot of small clues of the classic Godzilla and it makes it enjoyable to new audience. I would reccomend people to atleast look into the Japanese series cause they are really good to watch. With it being 60 years of Godzilla I hope that there will be another 20, or hopefully 60.

Rating 9/10


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