Pacific Rim Effects Breakdown

Pacific Rim a movie that combines Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Destroy All Monsters, has a massive amount of visual effects in it. One of the scenes depicts the lead character walking into the base that houses one of the Jaegers, a giant robot that two people control, and also roughly 40-50 people as well. But on the visual effects breakdown it shows a giant green screen room and it has roughly 10 or so people in the room and then there were added layers of characters that were added on in post. It also shows the after effects that are go into the room design is like with the added lighting and colour that gets add on which I find interesting because I thought that it was a real base so that, but with the Jaeger added in.

Another part is the design of one of the Kaiju where they show the changes that they make and how the basic design is used to create the other Kaiju in the film.

Another part of the film is the battle between a Jaeger, Gypsy Danger I think, and a Kaiju and it was a 3d model design and it was before they added in before they add in the colour and textures to the final product. They also then add in the buildings that get destroyed and add in the floating debris as well which is a really remarkable effect. They then reshow the footage and add in the different layers like the city landscape, Jaeger, colours and the lighting effects that highlight the Jaeger. I think that this is a remarkable thing and it shows how much CGI has progressed over the many years. 


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