The Good, The Bad and The Baby Zillas?

Godzilla 1998

Since Warner Bros and Legendary are making the new Godzilla film which celebrates the 60 years of the legendary Japanese monster, and for this reason I am going to be reviewing the Good and the Bad of the first Godzilla movie, the ‘98  American version and the 2014 version when its released. 

The Good-

For this film I found it originally to be a good film but then growing up watching countless monster films I found this film to be more of a let down. But I will bring up them in the next section.

 The first thing that I liked about it was that the promotion for this film was well handled and awesome to see as they only showed parts of the monster and slogans that said ‘his foot is along as this bus’ or ‘his head is as big as this billboard’ and with promotion like this people expected it to be a good film but it turned out to be a disappointment.

The next thing that I liked about the film was the other minor actors that are in the film, like Harry Shearer, and Hank Azaria and even Nancy Cartwright, even if it seems like a Simpsons reunion they do have the better moments of the film.

The final part of the film that I like is the fact that Godzilla was able to out whit the US army by dodging missiles that have probably damaged more of New York then what Godzilla did.

The Bad-

With this film there were a lot of bad things about the film. 

First there was the rather terrible casting choice as Matthew Broderick as the main lead, this was rather a terrible choice because he was a bland actor and rather annoying character and also had similar designs to the nerdy characters from Stargate and Independence Day. If they got somebody who was nerdy but not a bad actor then it may have been better. 

The next thing I thought made the film bad was Godzilla being a rather terrible design, it looked way to CGI and I found the original Godzilla to be a better design and that was a guy in a suit. It was better designed then what the 98 version was and the Godzilla story was better than what the story of Godzilla was when it was a Iguana that was mutated from the nuclear fallout test, where as the original Godzilla was awoken from the nuclear fallout.

The next thing that I thought was a disappointment was that they had a Michael Lerner and Lorry Goldman doing a take on the two famous critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. The reason why is that it is that they had gave very negative reviews on the directors previous films and the bad thing about it was that the director didn’t even have them killed off in the film. I think that this would have been better because even Siskel had stated that it would have been better for them to kill them off in the film by the monster but they still survive at the end of the film.

And the final thing that I hate about this film is that when they arrive at Madison Square Garden and from that point onward it seemed to be a total rip off from Jurassic Park. They took several scenes from the film including the shillouete scene, the gum ball trip and then Godzilla chasing them in a cab through New York. This makes me think more that there in very little originality in films anymore.

 The Baby Zillas-

The biggest thing in the film that got me thinking was at the end of the film where it was revealed that there was one surviving Baby Zilla that wasn’t destroyed when the army bombarded MSG, which makes me think that the army isn’t that good of a shot, But then this lead to the possibility of a future sequel, which they never got around to making as the film had bombed, but then as most late 90’s early 2000 films it was made into a kids television series that was strangely animated and felt like the characters where designed for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, other than that it was a better cartoon that featured a lot of Godzillas adversaries and was more enjoyable then the film.

Lets hope that the new film will be a lot better than what this was. Rating 3/10



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