Online Inforgraphic

So for this week we had to look into the world on online inforgraphs and how they can assist the sharing of complex information and statistics. I was then able to find a rather well done inforgraph. 

At Diode Digital they specialise in creating video and animation to promote business online and they are able to do it in a really cool way. The first graphic that they use depicts a the percentage of internet traffic that is video content and it is 90% but the zero for it isn’t completely complete as there is only 90% complete. The next graphic shows another percentage that is half complete and also there is a graphic of a mobile phone that has a chart on and it then changes in the next see to a future statistics that shows 66% that is 66% full and is also followed with the phone chart that has risen by 66%. 

I find that this video is really well done for the more modern era where technology is the more used device in modern day. The text is also easy to read and the images and graphics that they use are current and easy to remember like the search bar google uses and so forth.  

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