DVD Menu Review

When I first started this project I decided what movie I was going to pick and that was going to be Marvels The Avengers, since it was a film that I liked and that it was rather easy to get an idea on how I would design the DVD menu because I’ve seen the movie a dozen times and looked through the extras and seen what the layout design is so I had ideas on what I would have liked it for to look. But I did have a problem trying to find the type of font that they use for the film and trying to find videos that would have been easy to download so I decided to change my idea and go with a different film this time being The A Team, then I had a better idea on how my menu would then look like.

so with the new idea that I had I was able to find a more easier to find font. My idea that I had was to show the main characters of the film in their costumes with the names of the characters to establish who is who. Then I found a image that had the whole cast and that image that I used for the main DVD menu image. I then decided to then design the menu by having the names fade in and fade out with the corresponding images of the cast. I think that it was easier to do than what my original idea because it seemed to be less over the top to make.

I think that if I was able to find a song for the DVD menu it would have been a lot better because I would have either pick a theme that was with the film, or the theme song from the original TV series or possibly even the last series where it sounded more upbeat. Other than that I didn’t think that there was any other problems that I had with either the design stage or the creation stage. Other than the music I think I did a good job with it.

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