Creating an End Cap

So for a recent college project we had to come up with an end cap that we would put at the end of our five minute film project at the end of the year and we would create the end cap by using all the techniques that were taught to us in the previous sessions to create something that was a lot better than the previous end cap that the college uses.

The first stage that I went through was the pre-production stage, I decided to first plan out a mind I associate with Gateshead College and I chose words like ‘friendly’ and ‘good place’ because when the first time that I came here the people were friendly and it was a good place to be in a better education than I was at before map on what words. After this I then went on to do I mood board on Photoshop on what I liked about something but I think I may have been confused by it as I just started to put random things that I liked about TV and Film so I put stuff like the Get Carter logo on and Conan logo because one is a famous film that was filmed in Newcastle and the second being a late night talk show that is rather hilarious. Then after this I decided to work on a few story board panels on what my final outcome may have looked like. I went through a few different designs from basing on land marks around the North East like the Angel of the North but then I decided to go to something closer like the Quayside where I was able to the find a decent picture of the area to then use for my end cap.

When it came to designing the end cap I was at first stunted because I did try out one idea where I was going to use something similar from Moulin Rouge where they have a theatre and then a video playing on the screen but instead of a video playing it would have been the logo. But I found it difficult to do at first so I then went back to my original idea of using the Quayside. I then imported the Gateshead logo into the time line, I then went through the task of trying to find a suitable place for where the logo and then the following writing. I then was able to find a more suitable place for the logo to go by moving the picture along and then I was able to then edit the piece better. I then added a light to the piece and then had the light to move from side to side and then have the logo to the reveal when the light shone to it. It also create a cool effect to the bridges where it looks like if they were shadowed.

Over all I think that I was able to create a good end cap for the project, I was able to get around the problems that I had by resourcing to previous lessons. From this I think I have been happy with my progress from the past few weeks and possibly with a little bit more experience I may be able to use the techniques that I’ve learned and able to then incorporate them into my five minute film.



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