Star Trek After Nemesis



Last year when I went to see the second Hobbit film with friends I was given two presents. Both were books one being Assassins Creed Black Flag and the second being Star Trek: The Next Generation Cold Equation, both were excellent books and both that I have enjoyed reading, so much that the same friend that got me the first one was able to acquire me the next to parts of the series for Star Trek. Then I got to thinking, could there be a good possibility of a future of Star Trek after Nemesis.

I’m only a small way through the second book and I’ve really enjoyed it, so for this I’m only going to focus on the first book. This takes book takes place between two different times, one being four years after the aftermath of Nemesis and the second was focused around 2367 and 2384 and this gives us a really good time frame for things to happen. In the beginning of the story it focuses around the theft of B4, Data’s brother who was found in Nemesis and has the memories of Data but those are slowly going away because of the lack of technology that B4 has, this then leads the Enterprise team on a hunt to find out who stole B4 and the other androids. The next thing in the first part I like is the fact that Worf has more of an important role as he is now the First Officer since Riker is in his own captaincy. And also this introduced me to a new character that was a romantic link to Worf called Choudhury, this was a little confusing for me because the last person I know that was romantically to Worf was Jadzia Dax, but then I remembered that she got killed off and turned into another Dax. Other than this I was also surprised that Captain Picard had also found himself a family in the form of Beverly Crusher and also a son called Rene, and this really surprised me, ever since watching Encounter at Far Point I would never have thought that Picard would ever have child. This point here could easily lead to a new future for Star Trek where it could lead Rene to become a future captain of the Enterprise.

From this point and reading a few chapters of the second book I’ve been thinking of what Star Trek would have been liked if it was set around Starfleet Academy, also with the fact that Picard wants to give up his post as captain in the distant future to properly raise his family he want to teach archaeology at Starfleet and I think that it would be a really cool thing to see. Also since the fact that Deep Space Nine was based on a Space-Port and then on a couple of planets then there should be a series that would be based on Starfleet because then it opens up another new world which was briefly brought into context in the Next Generation series when Wesley Crusher was going through his Starfleet entrance exams. For this series it could also open up the opportunity for people who have made names for themselves on the previous three shows of Next Generation, Voyager and DS9 to make appearances as either cameos or teachers like Picard being the archaeology (that’s if he doesn’t get killed off in this book or the next). But overall it would be nice to see something new from a popular sci-fi brand that has been capturing people’s imaginations for nearly 60 years, I mean we had a rebooted film series that had Leonard Nemoy in and Into Darkness was just a revised Wrath of Khan flick and wasn’t good or bad, but with a one based around Starfleet it could build up ground for a new wave of Star Trek fans.



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