Motion Graphics in News

Over the past number of years, news programmes on BBC and ITV have gradually integrated motion graphics into their news broadcasts. There have been many different types mainly on the BBC that have been informative such as a broadcast from the BBC about the seven billionth person to be born. They used a giant line graph to inform people that it was the rate of how the populace of the world was on an increase and how it would be on a continual up rise over the next 90 years. They also showed a map of the world and how a place can be fitted to make more room for the said populace and also a pictogram showing the figures on how the populace is through the year groups and showing that more people are reproducing, babies are staying healthier because of current medicine and that old people are having more life expectancy than before. I think that this type of motion graphic is a good choice to have because it looks better than most of the other graphics that news teams use and also it seems that it sort of taken out of a film. For example in Iron Man 2 when Tony creates a new element and is holding the image in his hand is rather similar to how the reporter is holding the Eiffel Tower. Over all I think that the news should feature more of this type of graphic because its more entertaining in a way to the audience.  


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