Rest in Peace Otto Octavius: One Year On

December 26 2012, A fight between Otto Octavius and Spider-Man ends with the death of Otto.

January 2 2013, A new Spider-Man takes the streets, a more darker, smarter and even tempted to take the low road by blackmailing people.

Ever since this ‘new’ Spidey started, I really haven’t like the character that much. He seems to me more serious and methodical which some people may like or hate. But another reason I haven’t liked this character because he is prone to assault villains and throw away his own mantra ‘Nobody Dies’ even villains, as he killed Massacre in issue 5.


The next thing that has bothered me is that with Otto as Spidey is that it has affected other characters that have been in Spidey’s life in the past that are friends of Spidey. The most recent characters that have happened are with Black Cat who has been a anti-hero who helped Heroes for Hire in Spider Island and even had a physical relationship with Spidey at one point, but Otto focused more about the fact that she ‘is’ a thief and had her arrested so she believes now that it isn’t Spider-Man. The more recent that Spidey has came across is Agent Venom, who is a government agent and a former Avenger, but Otto remembers him as a villain or the fact the he did go AWOL or something (I should read Venom comics) and Spidey managed to remover the symbiot from Flash, I think that this was a dumb idea because Otto seems to much of a hot head who focus on becoming a superior hero.Image

Every since the mind wipe story arc i have hoped that there has been a way to get Peter Parker back. With a brief panel from the 2099 crossover there could be a glimmer of hope but I dunno what the outcome would be. For the Amazing Spider-Man title to be relaunched i remain slightly optimistic, with the recent 700. series going on it could lead to a relaunch or possibly tying up loose ends. But for Peter i hope that he returns and put what everything Otto has done wrong right, but for now Superior is here to stay.Image


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