My Top Ten Doctor Who Villains

So with the 50th Anniversary upon us, BBC 3 did there own top ten Doctor Who monsters and villains and I thought it was a bad top ten and this here is mine.

10. The Weeping AngelsImage

The Weeping Angels were brought into Doctor Who in series 3 and have been focused more on in the Matt Smith’s tenure. For me these belong at 10th mainly because they are dealt with in the same way and it gets rather boring from episode to episode with them in. But to be fair they are the more scarier monsters from the rebooted series. 

9. The SilurianImage
A group of existing homo-reptilians that live near the crust of the earth and seem to be more of a possibility in the actual world these creatures have lived longer than humans and want their world back, but in each of their encounters with the Doctor he has tried to negotiate peace with them. These are put here on the list mainly because they are now one is linked to the as a ally of the Doctor.

8. The SlitheenImage
Another new monster brought in from the reboot and featured in the spin off Sarah Jane Adventures, these creatures are a cunning and devious species that can infiltrate places by taking peoples skin and using it as their own, yet comes at a price as they tend to flatulence when they are in the skins. As a outcast family from Raxacoricofallapatorius they have not been seen fully in Doctor Who since series 1 and are due to return surely.

7. The Autons Image
One of the more unique monster in the whoiverse where it could get peoples minds actually focused since they were designed liked mannequins which are still used today. They were first encountered by the Third Doctor and was also focused around the first rebooted episode. For me after this I don’t think that they could be expanded on further, unless they were to do like a museum episode where the Autons were to be the museum attractions cause that would be a interesting story.

6. The Clockwork RobotsImage
Now to a one shot villain the clockwork robots, these are probablies the most well designed villains in Doctor Who as the fact that they run on old-fashioned clockwork mechanics. Originally working on board a ship till their ship started to fail they decided to use time windows and stalk a girl who turns out to be Madame de Pompadour who was a actual person as they were after her brain. But as the mass force of the clockwork robots where in 18th century France the Doctor ‘sacrifices’ himself by destroying a time window shattering the connection between them and the ship. As a one shot type episode this is the only thing I like from Steven Moffat.

5. The Ice Warriors Image
Habitants of Mars the Ice Warriors have only featured in two episodes but they have been both good episode. I really like the designs for the Ice Warriors either in their armour with a big turquoise coloured shell or as a weird creature that resmbles a mix of alien and some other weird creature. I would really like to see more of them since that there are more Ice Warriors now then there used to be.

4. The SontaransImage
Born as a warrior race the Sontarans are a tactile species that the Doctor has faced on numerous occasions. The first appearance of them was in the third Doctor arc called The Time Warrior which also featured the first appearance of legendary companion Sarah Jane Smith. They then went onto play three more episodes in the original series including a terrible episode (The Two Doctor’s). They were then reintroduced into the new series of Dr Who in a two parter where they were defeated yet again. But nowadays in the latest series there has been one Sontaran that has been reduced to be a comic relief character, I hope that in the new series with the new Doctor the Sontarans will be back to their old ways.

3. CybermenImage
Heart of steel and emotionless, the Cybermen are one of the most popular villains of all time in Doctor Who. Ever since the first appearance of the Cybermen they have always been able to adjust the way that they look (due to a better budget) and look more menacing that other villains. Yet what the have in strength in numbers they do lack in ways to be killed mainly either by gold or laser blasts. Since the rebirth of the show there was a Easter egg in the episode Dalek where it showed a Cyberman head in a display case and then in the second series to have the make a full debut in a two parter. But the last few Cybermen episodes have been a let down, defiantly the last episode where it showed the Cybermen being able to instantly adapt to it’s surroundings but the effects looked rather bad.

2. The DaleksImage
Born as a humanoid form and then built into a advanced killing machine. First debuting back in ’63 the Daleks have featured in many a story that has had major storyline with the Doctor including the debut of Davros and the creation of the Daleks. In the rebooted series the new Doctor was faced off against the Dalkes in two different occasions once in the Dalek episode and then again in the series two part finale. But in the Dalek episode I like that it was then returned in the series four finale when the Dalek from that episode was featured in that episode. But in the new series of Doctor Who they redesigned the Daleks and they looked terrible, plus in Asylum when they wiped the mind of the Daleks and they don’t know who the Doctor is any more which I think ruined the whole 50 years of Daleks.

1. The MasterImage
Growing up on Gallifrey and a possible childhood shared with the Doctor, The Master is possibly the only villain that he has ever faced that can match him on different levels of combat may that be hand to hand or a psychological. First appearing in Terror of the Autons he has also had a effect on the Doctor’s story arcs. As with the Doctor the Master also has the ability to regenerate and there have been six different versions of him throughout the years, even at one point been played by Eric Roberts in the movie role. The Master in my mind is the Doctor’s number one enemy as he is the same as him.


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