Batman: Arkham Origins Review


So with Arkham Origins been out roughly a week now and I’ve already completed it, dunno if that’s a good thing but am onto completing it again cause I messed up on some of the challenges, which I will get to later on.

First I really like the ORIGINAL premise if the game when Black Mask put a bounty of $50,000,000 on Batman, but then when you get into the first quater of the game you find out that it’s not Black Mask who puts the bounty but infact the Joker in his first appearence. I was dissapointed at this point cause I think Black Mask would have been a great villain to face instead of being a side mission villain. But what made the game more better for me was Bane before he succumbed to the side effects of Titan. Bane being a mastermind tactition and finding out who Batman was a really good point in the game. To be fair the story was okay, it could have been better but it was decent job from WB Montreal.


The next thing I like about the game was the ammount of free roam that you got in the gane, I mean with Arkham City you got to roam around a place twice the size of Asylum but this you roam around there and a whole bew part of the city which is pretty awesome. With this it means you have new places to explore like the GCPD headquaters but then being able to investigate the Steel Mill before the events of Asylum when Black Mask was doing drugs there.


Now we come to the part that I’m uneasy about and that was the villains in the game. First Killer Croc, in the game he does look rather bad ass and then the fight scene against him eas good as well. Then we move onto the character hyped for the game Deathstroke, a legendary mercenary in the DC Universe, it took me 5 attempts on easy difficulty to beat him but on normal it took 1 attempt. But then after you beat him you dont see him till your back at Blackgate confronting The Joker and Bane where he is still in his cell even though all the other inmates where released, but the thing I’m most intrigued about was the end cut scenes when *SPOILERS* Amanda Waller comes into Blackgate and give Deathstroke a file with the words Suicide Squad on it, I hope that this could point in to what a future DLC could be since I was dissapointed that there wasn’t anything for Deathstroke in the game or even a possible game.


Now going onto what I said about the part of the game I messed up on and that was with the different challenges. For some reason I cannot get past at least two challenges, one the 20 critical strikes and the exotic takedowns. First the critical strikes should also cover when you do beat downs but they don’t which really annoys me unless it’s a fight bug then hopefully that’s fixed. Then with the exotic takedowns challenge there’s only one chance to possibly do it with Bane’s forces in the hotel but other than that it’s impossible to do outside of a complete campaign, if this could be fixed to have repeating villain areas to do these challenges, I dunno if they carry over to the new game plus or if there might be something in that future dlc that may help but that for me has been a disappointment.


Overall the game was okay, there could have been alot of better changes and they could have put more focus on Black Mask instead of doing a rather boring Joker origins, but other than it was okay. Oh speaking of Joker how the hell did they get the meeting of Joker and Harley wrong since in Asylum they had audio tapes on their first psych evaluation in ARKHAM ASYLUM NOT BLACKGATE. For this my overall score is now 8.5/10 was good but not great.


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