Top 5 Horror Films

Since this is the time of year when people prefer to watch horror films here’s my top 5 Horror Films.

5. The Amityville Horror
For me the original Amityville Horror did have me slightly scared when I first watched it and made me think on what would life be like if the house I lived in was haunted and then I thought that if it was anything like the film I would be terrified. The film itself is good but it does have a disappointing ending. Also the remake was okay but didn’t hold a candle to the original.



4. An American Werewolf in London
A film that says what it is on the tin, two American backpackers accidentally stroll through a English countryside and encounter a werewolf and passes the curse over to the survivor. This film i found amazing and really good special effects with the way he was able to turn into a werewolf and then the friend that he keeps on seeing going through the different rotting stages was pretty sick. Never saw the sequel for this but apparently it’s not that good.


3. Halloween
One of the original slasher films that started the side where humans can be as deadly as a demon with what starts off as a child who killed his sister and now is looking for his other sister so he can finish what he started, but it did take him right find to do it and find out that he has a niece and then she has a child but it’s not explained who’s it is. But the original is the best, but I may have to see the Rob Zombie remake until then this is my favourite.


2. Friday the 13th Part 2
I would have started with the original where Pamela was the killer but to get where the original started and led to a dozen or so sequels. This film is also a lot of action and cool death scenes and it also shows that he didn’t always start off with the hockey mask. This film also got a remake which was released on Friday the 13th, I watched a part of it and I really didn’t like it that much and may need a second viewing.


1. Nightmare on Elm Street
Where your no longer safe from evil at all Nightmare on Elm Street, this film had a lot of cool special effects like the face coming from the wall and the corridor for turning into goo that was pretty awesome. The film is based around a family living in the house of a child killer and then the daughter finds out that it was her parents and other parents that killed Freddy. This film also got a remake and I liked it more than I did Wes Craven New Nightmare, and it also seemed to have a more up-to-date back story on why they killed Freddy as he was a paedophile. Both films were good and I recommend them both.Image


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