Pokemon Y

So with Pokemon X/Y released this past week and having completed it in about two days I’ve completed it I’ve decided to review it.


First I really liked the idea that you can pick a secondary starter to battle with and also a free Torchic to boot made the game seem more better but I think it would have been better if it was available after beating the elite 4.

The next problem that I had with the game is that the map is massive, and there is a load of different side bits that can distract from the gym battles like trying to find a pokemon in a large mansion or going through a cave that leads nowhere except to a Abomasnow and you can’t even battle it.

The next good thing that I like about it is that all the pokemon look canny awesome but there are some that do look rather weird like.

With that said about new Pokemon that look weird, the new mega evolution modes have made the pokemon look weird like Mewtwo, Ampharos and Absol, their modes look weird but the others look more awesome like Charizard, Lucario and Blastoise mainly cause they look more better designed then others.



The next let down I had was the disappointment of not being fully allowed to ride on Pokemon in the full game. I mean that it was fun to ride them like Rhyhorn and Mamoswine but the others seemed to really let me down cause I got a Skiddo and evolved it into a Gogoat but I couldn’t ride it and was really disappointed. But when I got the gift Lapras and taught it surf I was amazed about the fact that it was a Lapras you ride, I don’t know if it works with other Pokemon like Garadyos or Blastoise but I’d be more amazed if you could.


Overall the game itself is good and the Pokemon look awesome, but there are the slight problems like the fact that you can fully ride Pokemon and there are some other let downs that people that have had to deal with.

Overall rating: 8.5/10


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