GTA V Review

So I’ve been playing on GTA V for roughly a week and this has been the most far I’ve ever gotten on any GTA game. I never got off the first islands as C.J or Nico without using any cheats which I find amazing to myself cause am usually crap at these games.

The first mission that you do as Michael who has a ability to slow down time when shooting and Trevor who goes into a rage mode and is rather indestructible, the mission is really good. It is a good intro mission and better than other starting missions. Then after this you are introduced to the third Franklin who has a the ability to slow down time on a vehicle and makes travelling more fun.


The missions at time can seem really hard to do like some of the heist missions cause I was bricking it for the third heist that is done cause you have to battle through waves of police officers, private armies and tanks but I got a good score from it. Then the final score that needs to be done I was also bricking but again it was more fun and here’s a helpful tip to anyone trying to escape go for a grass hill area cause they wont follow you. It’s strange but it is true.


The next thing that I like about the game is that the landscape is amazing, the map is a lot better than any of the other games and it’s all on one map as well which bring all it into one great area.


But there were a few issues I had with the game. The first was that some of the controls where rather rough and hard to handle. One time is when you have to crash a plane into a cargo hold on a plane and I found it impossible to do.

Overall it was a great game and l would really recommend the game to anyone. Rating: 9/10


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