Week 3

What are the learning outcomes of the session, did I complete them and how?:
To be honest I’ve forgotten what the actual learning outcomes were but we did start doing the storyboards for the advert.

What I have learned:
I have learned that it’s better to do a reckie before storyboarding.

How I used maths and english:
I used english skills to write down notes and annotations on the storyboards and this blog. I used math skills to work out the timings of how long each shot would last.

Where I am up to on the assignment:
Finishing up the storyboards, start to reckie and try and get permission to film in locations.

Did I enjoy anything in the session:
I enjoyed doing the recap bit at the beginning but it would be nice to do something different like a word search we used to get when you taught my group in level 2.

Am I struggling with anything:
Not struggling with anything yet.

Any Questions?
When do we start the 5 minute film projects?


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