Week 2 Lesson

What are the learning outcomes of the session, did I complete them and how?:
The learning outcomes of the lesson was to present a power point on your heroes and what traits they have and which ones you would take from them to adapt to college work and future skills and the second task was to pitch the idea for the advert breif. I was able to complete them by creating a power point for my heroes presentation for the second task I can up with a idea at home looking at ads from different tourism companies like Visit Scotland.

What I have learned:
I have learned that I could have talked a little more on how I could adapt the skills more into my life but other than that not much else.

How I used maths and english:
I used english skills when I typed up the presentation and also when I presented both the heroes presentation and the pitch. At this time I don’t think that I have not used any maths skills.

Where I am up to on the assignment:
So far on the assignment I started working on the first learning outcome by doing a 750 word essay.

Did I enjoy anything in the session:
I did like the fact that I got to know more on how people work and where they get their skills from and how they adapt them into their work styles.

Am I struggling with anything:
At this moment I don’t believe that I am struggling with anything but there may be a time where I will.

Any Questions?
Do you know when we start doing the 5 minute film projects?


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