My Expectations: Batman Arkham Origins


So with being a month away from the release of Batman: Arkham Origins this is gonna be the same as my last blog and my expectations on what the game is gonna be like.

First I like the idea that this game is going to be a prequel to Arkham Asylum and also a larger map area than what Arkham City was. I then like the idea that you get to explore Gotham City in whole. But there was one thing that I originally didn’t like about the game and it was that there were new voice actors for Joker and Batman, Kevin Conroy did say that he is going to voice Batman but it could be for a fourth Arkham game. The voice of Batman is Roger Craig Smith who voices Captain America in the new Avengers cartoons and Ezio from Assassins Creed, also Sonic the Hedgehog.



The actor who does the voice of Joker is Troy Baker who recently had a role in a large video game role as Joel from The Last of Us. In that he was really good and from the trailers of the games that I’ve seen he and Smith are gonna make a few good moments for the game.


Second thing that I like about the game is the amount of new awesomeness that has been added to the game. First there are the amount of new villains that have been introduced like Black Mask, the main antagonist, and Deathstroke who you get to play as in the game and hopefully they have a storyline where you get to play him in the game and not for challenge maps. Then you also have other villains who haven’t been in the Batman game series like Copperhead and Firefly which I like the look of plus I’ve been wondering how the you are meant to defeat Firefly.


Third there is a new array of equipment that you can use and the one that am looking forward to use is the remote claw which can be used to grapple enemies together to knock them out or to collide them with a object like the exploding barrels. Plus I can’t wait to see what else is gonna be added in the gadgets. Also am looking forward to be fighting the new thug times like the giant brawlers and the ninja thugs who can counter your counters. Another thing I like is the enhanced detective mode which allows the player to check the crime scene following which clue are red herrings and which lead to the right path. Also the new dlc packs that am gonna look forward to including the Knightfall dlc where you get to play as Azrael Batman cause that suit is awesome plus there are more Batman costumes unlocked that look awesome too and I can’t wait to get them.


Finally the third thing that I am looking forward to is the first ever multi-player for Batman which has been announced where you get to play as Batman and Robin (possibly Deathstroke and any other dlc character) and there you have to stop Bane and Jokers crews from destroying stuff or taking things by booby trapping them. I think that it is going to be similar to the challenges that you got in Asylum and City. At first I thought why would they add this but then I thought that this could be a good new step for the game to go in to get more people to play with other people. 


My overall expectation rating: 8/10


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