My Expectations: Pokemon X/Y

When I first heard that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company were bringing out a new game my initial thought to it was ‘Really another Pokemon game, we just got a rebooted version last year.’ But ever since then the news that I’ve saw and heard about the game has made me think that this could be the best main series Pokemon game around, beating Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald series which has been the best so far. One of the first things I like about the game was the starters because they looked awesome, first was Chespin the grass starter, Fennekin the fire starter and Froakie the water, these three look awesome but a few days ago they released the middle evolution and Chespin evolution Quilladin looks like it’s had too many chestnuts, Fennekin evolution Braixen looks a lot better than now cause it isn’t a Fire/Fighting Pokemon because that’s what has happened with the past few series, Froakie evolution Frogadier looks totally bad ass though and a amazing design, now am waiting for the release of the final evolution to see what the are like. 


The second thing that I like about it is that there is a new in-game mechanic which allows the player to ride actual Pokemon around on routes and in cities. The first Pokemon revealed was Gogoat which you can guess from the name, so am expecting that there could be a new move that you can teach Pokemon that allows you to ride like Surf or Fly so there could be a new HM move for the game or possibly a TM move, hopefully they keep the infinite use of TM that they had on Black and White.



The third thing I like about the game is the region, it’s based off France and it looks really cool. It’s also the first game that has the PokeDex split into three different regions which makes knowing where to capture Pokemon a whole lot better, which is similar the the PokeDex mechanic in Black 2/White 2 where there was a separate section where Pokemon were located on what routes they were on.

But there are two things about the game that am really not sure about of the game, the first is the new type of Pokemon called Fairy, which was a major let down for hardcore fans for the main fact that it is a dragon type killer. Now there have been a few more Pokemon who have been changed to that type including Marill, Jiggilypuff and more better choice was Altaria which is a Fairy/Dragon Pokemon. The next thing that I wasn’t that sure about was the Mega Pokemon forms for several Pokemon first revealed for the Pokemon movie where Mewtwo showed a new form which looked weird. But now there have been more announced including the original starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle which you can get in game as well, plus a Torchic which is available over a wi-fi event when the game is released and comes with a item that allows to transform Blaziken into its Mega form. 


Overall with the game I’ve been liking it, the Pokemon look weird but they seem to be awesome at the same time. Also the legendaries that are revealed look awesome too cause on of them reminds me of a Kaiju from another game. But am gonna make sure that I don’t know what type of Pokemon each gym leader has so I can me more new to the games. 




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