It’s My Birthday

So today I celebrate my 21st birthday and what can I say to sum it up. I say am feeling old and my body feels older, dunno how but it just does. And this birthday just seems to be one screw up at a time. Last year I wanted to design my own cake, which was gonna be a DC Comics themed cake but instead I got a basic cake from Tesco, this year I got to make it but it’s turned out terrible. It’s also another year that I continue to be single to the main fact that I don’t go out a socialise much and really does suck cause a lot of the time I really could do with somebody to be with.

Nevertheless this past year has been moderate for me, I started on a Media and TV film production course and am still on it. I’ve met a lot of new people and consider themselves friends and there good to be around, but some of my friends finished college this year and now I have very little to do in lunch breaks now and get the feeling am gonna fall back into a lonely cocoon where I become lonely and saddened, but I will have the opportunity to see them again when I get to do a project with Michael Crewe called Invasion of the Other DIEmension which on paper sounds really awesome and I cant wait to be apart of that. Also I plan on starting my own series based off my character which should be fun but I have no idea what is gonna happen.

For me I don’t know what the future has for be, if it is anything like a war i would be terrified, or a zombie type apocalypse like in The Last of Us I may be of more use but still that would need to be filed under ‘Plan Z’. But for now am gonna start sortin out my CV and start handing them out round my local town and Newcastle seeing if I can find work, once I get my times for college and then I may have my building blocks for the future.

My final words for this blog are gonna be thanks to four people who have kept me sane over the past few years. Jake Hall, Michale Crewe, Liam Foster you three have brought me a new lease on life and have given me a load of amazing memories that I can still enjoy over the internet with the podcasts, and Liam am sorry if I was harsh with you in the podcasts. But I wish them a long life and a honourable death for the future. Finally Calum Nichols, we’ve been though a load of stuff for a long time and we always look to the future of what could happen and makes me feel better and makes me think less on the mistakes that have went on with my life, thank you.

Daniel Hall


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