Top Ten Villains

Since this month over in DC comics is the Villains Month featuring villains of famous and new villains in the DC universe and the new ongoing story where the villains are talking over the world I’ve decided that this blog was going to be about my top ten villains of the comic book universe.

10. Judge Death

Judge Death, one of the coolest designed enemies and also one of the hardest enemies that Judge Dredd had ever faced. It took a while for the Judges to kill Death with incendiary rounds but still it wasn’t enough stop him. He then took over Psi-Judge Anderson and took his remains to place to restore his body but Dredd foiled his plan and contained Anderson and Death inside a plastic container called ‘boing’.

9. Bane

Bane, the most famous Batman rouge for being the first one to physically take him out. Enhanced with a toxic steroid substance called ‘venom’ he has had many a good story. Nowadays he is a mercenary with his own group that he leads, with a tactical mind and photographic memory he is born to lead and take what he wants.

8. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor, either the highly successful businessman turned POTUS or the real estate mogul he is a recognisable person in the DC Comics. Also armed with a scientific mind and a highly advanced battle suit he has been able to weaken heroes even the likes of Superman but always gets foiled in the end. Nowadays he spends time in his own prison cell that he created but soon will begin to save the world in the ‘Forever Evil’ story arc.

7. Venom & Carnage

Venom and Carnage two of the most powerful villains of Spider-Man and the most difficult challenges for him as well. Venom was the first symbiote that took over Spider-Man and gave him a new look and a darker tone, but Spidey managed to remove the symbiote to Eddie Brock who despised Spider-Man and with the Venom symbiote was able to beat Spidey but he managed to beat Venom and remove the symbiote. Later on in stories the symbiote passed onto Flash Thompson and now he is used for good as Agent Venom. Carnage is a similar symbiote to what venom was but this one was 10x worse and isn’t afraid to kill. Nowadays he is still with his host and still wreaking havoc as the Superior Carnage.

6. Goblin/ Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn, Green Goblin or Iron Patriot no matter how you know him he is a memorable character in not only the Spider-Man series but with his own series of the Thunderbolts/ Dark Avengers. Head of Oscorp he developed a type of serum similar to Captain America’s but changed him into the Green Goblin and then later on in life he acquired H.A.M.M.E.R and after Secret Invasion he became the head of international security and created the Iron Patriot, incorporating Iron Man and Captain America. But after Siege he is arrested. Nowadays he escaped from hospital and now resumes activity in New York under Green Goblin once again.

5. Apocalypse

Apocalypse, one of the toughest mutants that the X-Men have faced. Being impervious to most attacks and the ability to control technology with his mind makes him difficult to defeat. Not only does he have his own powers he also has his own team called The Horsemen, originally led by Dark Angel there have been many incarnations of the team, including in early 2000 when a brain washed Wolverine was in the team and got his adamantium claws back. Nowadays I don’t know what’s happened to him but there are the Apocalypse Twins who have their own horsemen that consist of Daken and Sentry.

4. Ultron

Ultron, created by Hank Pym to be guards at one of the prisons but one was corrupted and turned into Ultron. Also with the abilities to adapt to powers he has been a problem for the Avengers, he also created his own robot known as the Vision. But there have been many times that Ultron has been defeated. The most recent being in Age of Ultron where Hank Pym created a virus that would stop Ultron for a while.

3. The Governor (From the TV Series)

One of the earliest villains that Rick meets in this zombie apocalyptic world. The Governor runs a small town called Woodbury and led it well till Merle brought back two captives, Glenn and Maggie and Rick along with Tyrees, Merle and Michonne stage a assault on Woodbury to get them back. In the midst of rescuing Glenn and Maggie, Michonne breaks into the Governor’s apartment and kills his zombie daughter, not only does she do this but she also stabs him in the eye causing him to now wear a eye patch. But the Governor striked back at Rick but they are then sent packing from a counter attack. But later on in the comics The Governor dies and turns into a zombie.

2.Doc Ock

Doc Ock one of the most famous Spider Man villains to date. Not only being a genius scientist he was also apart of the original Sinister Six. But most recently the character had been going through a difficult period, he found out that he was dying due to massive injuries at the hands of different heroes and villains. But in some of his last stories he has shown that he is capable of mass destruction and also showing the ability to negate the Ozone effect. But he has managed to pull off the greatest move in the history of MARVEL by switching bodies with Spider-Man and now has his own life as the Superior Spider-Man.

1. The Joker

The Joker, Batman arch enemy that has caused a large amount of problems for him. One of the first problems that Batman had with Joker was in the ‘Killing Joke’ where he shot Barbara Gordon paralysing her and now changing her role from Batgirl to Oracle. Then in Death in the Family arc, Jason was looking for his mother in Africa and there with Batman they found Joker and Joker managed to kill Jason, this was due to a poll to see who fans wanted to be killed off and it came to Jason. He was then later brought back in the mid 90’s as a new Red Hood, who Joker used to be. No Man’s Land showed Joker also killing Jim Gordon’s wife Sarah. These types of actions make Joker what he is a total bad ass psycho killer and the No.1 comic villain of all time.


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