Can Wrestlers Make Good Actors?

Ever since the mid 80’s wrestlers have been known to appear in films like Hulk Hogan in Suburban Commando, god what a terrible.Or The Rock in many hit films like GI: Joe Retaliation and The Scorpion King have made good of wrestling actors.

To be honest the most times that you would have seen a wrestler in a film would be for a cameo like Hulk Hogan in Gremlins 2 and The Muppet’s in Space and cameos like that were okay for those times but nowadays there are still some wrestler from WWE that still do the odd cameo. But nowadays they tend to star in WWE produced films such as The Marine or 12 Rounds where it has launched certain superstars into the movie stardom. But with many of the films being slightly terrible I am glad that former WWE superstars who have successfully made the movie transfer have made films a lot better.

I can remember the first film I saw with a wrestler in which was The Scorpion King and it was a good film and good to see The Rock in the first of many great film roles. But nowadays when we see The Rock in a film he is instantly recognized with his many tattoos and bold head. I think that there is only one Rock film I haven’t seen yet is Journey 2 just cause I think that it is a bad film and the weird chest bouncing thing. But in many of his other films he is a total bad-ass which is really amazing.

But with wrestlers trying to make it into movies I just think that it would be better if they were semi-retired from wrestling to make it big in Hollywood.


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