5 Reasons For A Deadpool Film


Ever since X-Men Origins: Wolverine I have thought that they could have done a better job with Wade Wilson ( portrayed by Ryan Reynolds). To be really honest he didn’t do the best job as the Merc with a Mouth and when he got turned into the muttie known as Weapon XI I thought it just looked terrible. But here are my 5 reasons why there should be a rebooted Deadpool.
5. Reboot Success
In the past few years some Marvel finds have done really well with rebooting such films as the Captain America and Spider-Man which have went over good with film fans. Also the new X-Men film series doing well there would be a chance that a Deadpool film would do well.
4. Stories
With Deadpool’s past story lines there are many that can be adapted to the screen. Starting with a true origins story instead of being dropped into a film with out much of a back story. Then in later films adding more of his rouges and allies in next films would make the series more better.
3. The Comedy
I’ve been playing the video game and read a few Deadpool comics and the comedy within it is quite good and hilarious in itself as he is one of the few character’s that has a inner monologue/ dialogue that makes him even more funnier.
2. X-Force/ Cable/Deadpool?
With the announcement of X-Force film it could hint a future spot for Deadpool. Also cause the film’s main character is the futuristic Cable it could lead to a crossover film.
1. Better Casting
With Ryan Reynolds being casted in Origins he only had one good line, but I believe that there are many better actors that can be the Merc with the Mouth.


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