Amazing vs. Superior

Amazing vs. Superior

Since MARVEL announced that they were discontinuing the Amazing Spider-Man comics after a 50 year run they released a new title: The Superior Spider-Man, the following month and it has split the spider continuity in half because of the final ASM issue.

I can remember the first time I picked up a ASM comic was from the Gauntlet series and I enjoyed it. And after I read that and the Grim Hunt I then went into reading the actual comics ASM #677, where I found Peter Parker in a different position to where he was in the Gauntlet. I really liked reading the series and Dan Slott and team did an amazing (pun intended) job with the series. Then the final three issues of ASM changed the history of Marvel. Doc Oct was dying and changed his consciousness with Spidey’s and Spidey tried to get his body back which every body thought he would not he didn’t and on Boxing Day 2012 the Superior Spider-Man was born.
So when the first issue of SSM and to be truly honest I wasn’t that fussed with Otto’s as Spider-Man. However in the next few issues it started to get really dark for Spider-Man. He managed to break some of Boomerang’s bones, knocked off Scorpion’s jaw and blinded the original Vulture. But what I also liked about the was the that some of Peter’s conscious was still going around in Otto’s mind. But there are a few things that I didn’t like. The first was when Otto killed Massacre with a gun, when Spider-Man promised that ‘No One Dies, Even Villains’. Also at the end of No Escape he blackmails Mayor Jameson because he wanted Allister Smythe to die, even though he was already set to die anyway for killing Jameson’s wife. After Massacrer is killed Otto finds a way to get rid of Peter from his head and this was the third bad thing that I didn’t like cause with a lot of other Amazing Spider-Man fans wished that Peter had his memory back.

Yet even if the Amazing saga is over for Peter the darker path that Spider-Man is heading down now is a better way to go now. With the upcoming battles in Shadowland, Hob-Goblin and somehow the Spider-Man 2099 and the annual in November I wonder how Otto is gonna deal with all these problems.


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