Game of Thrones

The first time I watched Game of Thrones was this year in Pick TV when they aired the first three episodes of the season and I was instantly hooked on the series and I then went out and bought both season 1&2. But then I got the books and that’s were my Game of Thrones life changed.

Firstly the first book is exactly like what the first season is. There are a few changes to it like not having Ned’s sword ‘Ice’ named in the series,but everything else is okay. But when it gets about half way through the second season it does start to change. For instance we have the story of Brienne of Tarth transporting Jamie Lannister to Kings Landing, which doesn’t properly start till the third book. And in season 3 there is the scene where Danerys is at the harbour in *insert name* where she is nearly killed by a manticor, which features at the end of book 2. But to be fair the ending of season 2 was better with the mass of White Walkers/ The Others.

Besides a lot of altered parts between the books and TV series, there are a load of things i liked. First there are a load of great actors like Sean Bean who had many acting credits and plays Eddard Stark and Lena Headly who plays Cesri Lannister and previously played Sarah Connor and Ma Ma in Dredd. But not only do you have experienced actors but also has a lot of breakthrough actors like Emilia Clarke, since she has the ability to portray a range of emotions along the season’s. Also the child actors that are in the show are amazing as well, such Sophie Turner and Maise Williams, who play the sisters Sansa and Arya are amazing and so far I can’t say a bad thing about the characters.

So to sum up depending of you read the books or watched the series you will enjoy it either way.


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