Death of the Family


Death of the Family Rant

In October DC launched a new Batman series entitled as Death of the Family. A take on the original story Death in the Family where Jason Todd is killed.

For me the beginning of the series was really good. It built up suspense and was really good. It also had a lot of different references to previous Batman stories like The Killing Joke and The Man Who Laughs. But once the story starts to crossover with different characters such as Batgirl and Red Hood, who both have a grudge against Joker, gets really confusing.

But focusing on the main story, I really like the part of the story that starts up at the end of issue 15 when Batman finds out that Joker is at Arkham Asylum, reason why I liked this is cause I loved playing on Arkham Asylum. In the beginning of the next issue Batman manages to save the life of several guards and then is confronted by a flaming horse and Joker’s crew who are dressed up in riot gear. But Batman being Batman was able to beat up the crew and un-fire the horse. But the horse doesn’t last long after Batman runs into Mr Freeze and defeats him, and he also runs into Clayface and Scarecrow and beat the with ease. But he then finds Joker with Two-Face, Riddler and Penguin, also four unlucky guards dressed as Batman’s fellow Justice League team mates. There he gets the guards to kill themselves by electrocution until Batman stops them, by bargaining his life. Then Bats gets the electric chair treatment and gets fried.

But in the last part of the series really got me confused. First, how did Joker get into the Batcave. He then shoes Bats that he had also captured Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Red Robin and Damian. And shows that he has cut off their faces. But it turns out that their faces aren’t actually cut off but really numb. Joker and Batman then have another brawl in the Cave whilst the deformed lion cub blows up releasing a joker toxin that causes the others to beat each other up.

Then next thing that confused me was how they flipped the story. In the second or third issue its said that Joker knows who Batman really is, but in the last issue Batman uses reverse psychology and says that he knows who Joker is. Truthfully I think that this maybe revealed during the new Zero Year story. But in the end Joker didn’t know who Batman was and the Bat-Family is pissed at Bruce.
But for a series called Death of the Family I was expecting a death. Two weeks later in Batman Incorporate the had the death of Damien. So I was sorta bummed that didn’t happen in that story arc. But it was a good series and can’t wait to see what happens in Zero Year.



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